Statistically, a woman is more likely to be hurt by a man than she is to ever be eaten by a shark, hit by a car, be attacked by a bear, crash in a plane, or be bitten by a spider. When a woman expresses fear of any of these events, she is still seen as a rational person. When I tell people that I am afraid of swimming in the ocean because I’m afraid of sharks, they accept it almost without question. But, when I tell people that I’m afraid of men, that men scare me more than sharks and spiders and freak plane accidents all combined, I immediately lose their respect. I am considered elitist. I am considered sub-human. —A Benediction For My Daughter (via oeua)
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And that ladies and gays is what I call the right fuckin spirit

Michael Pitt for Rag & Bone Fall 14 Campaign photographed by Glen Luchford.



the white house released this video on sexual assault that actually targets men, telling them not to rape, rather than telling women not to be raped. please watch this.

Why isn’t this all over TV? Like it needs to be on every commercial break on comedy central


These violent delights have violent ends

William Shakespeare

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“Ice is slippery,” a phototset. 


“but you’re such a long fic,” i wept as i clicked on the x on my tab. “why can’t you be good? i was rooting for you.”

Shosanna:Marcel… burn it down.”
Marcel: “Oui, Shosanna.”

(Inglourious Basterds, 2009)


Jennifer Lawrence in “Catching Fire”.

“I can’t stand him,”-Kristen Stewart Jokes when asked about her co-star Nicholas Hault.


Rin: imconfused, whats he doing? is he flying is he sliding?
Rin: taking baby tap dance steps

so i made this and its all rin’s fault

watCHA! CHA! HA! *tappa tappa*

ok i’m almost sorry about making this but also not

”Beauty is more than just shining for others. You don’t need to have the perfect face to be beautiful. Being ugly or beautiful is a matter of energy, and true beauty comes from the heart.”  Kristen Stewart.